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Discover how to create life-long habits that will transform your health and wellbeing.

Our proven three-step method uncovers the quickest and most sustainable approach to become fitter, leaner and more resilient to the constant demands of modern life.

Dieting and the 'no pain no gain' approach is yesterdays thinking. We will show you how small tweaks can lead to life-changing results.

Train with the UK's leading personal trainers in the comfort and privacy of Canary Wharfs only Boutique Personal Training Studio.

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A wellness strategy for your workforce is not just important - it is vital.

Create a competitive edge by improving the health and wellbeing of your team.

Increase productive, reduce sick days and create a workforce who are healthier, happier.

We offer Keynotes, workshops and corporate wellness coaching

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I would recommend MVEMENT to anyone who is recovering from an injury and is looking to get an optimal workout without further damage.

Sophia Laing

One of the best personal trainers in the business. Calm, reassuring and motivational.

Ronan Prendergast

I've lost a fair bit of weight, discovered muscles I didn't know existed, and need to buy a new (smaller) wardrobe, but the Rejuvenate programme from Mvement has done a lot more than just change me physically. Working with Alex and the team has been an education, and one which…

Neil 44, Media Executive

MVEMENT understands the psychological impact that injury can have. This makes them a very supportive company, but they also push me just beyond my comfort zone. I have learnt to trust MVEMENT when they say I should attempt something new which I think beyond my abilities; I surprise myself almost…

Boojie Cowell

MVEMENT’s guidance and attention to detail is unparalleled. I am now able to do everything I wanted to do in the gym and outside of it. I can safely say I am stronger and more mobile than I ever imagined and I thoroughly recommend their service.

Alan Xing

Take the guesswork out of your health journey

Take Your Wellbeing Quiz today


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