Self care at the top

Self care at the top

Tuesday 20th November 2018
Joe Rogers

You have been climbing the career ladder faster than many of your peers. Your joints ache from time to time and your body feels tired. You exercise in fits and starts. You have higher body fat than you would like. You travel across multiple time zones and/or fly regularly. You have poor sleep and often eat 'on the go.'

Sound familiar? The truth is that these statements are accurate for many of our clientele.

Too often, to achieve success at the highest levels, it's our bodies that take the strain. Body fat widely fluctuates or is constantly high. Stress levels remain consistently elevated. Healthy routines are difficult to develop, never mind to stick to. Sleep is often broken. Over time, without the optimum number of hours of sleep, our bodies cycle in and out of what I call the 'reptile brain' where we struggle to recover from the high demands of the job.

When you're putting your all into your career, it's often your health that takes a back seat. We'd be lying if we said there's a 'one size fits all' exercise programme that will magically take you to where you want to be: what we can tell you is that a combination of cardiovascular and resistance-based exercise that is programmed in a logical way, will take you to where you want to be. We recommend at least one 40-minute cardiovascular session a week as well as multiple resistance training sessions.

One of our main ways of helping our clients is to find a way to accurately analyse where they are in relation to the Alpha Approach, our Five-Pillar System. Only then can we really determine the path to success for that individual.

For most people, creating routine in a lifestyle that is unpredictable is a must. It might sound like a paradox but small routines make a huge difference. Try to reflect on your day by checking through your diary and looking for time that is unproductive or meetings that are just too long. If you find this is the case you can start to change your diary to allow you more free time to look after you. Yes, you.

Be selfish to be selfless.

What I mean by that is the only way to do a good job and help others is to help yourself first. There's a reason we're told, in the safety demonstrations on planes, to put our own oxygen mask on before helping others.

Something as simple as giving yourself five minutes to do some quiet breathing techniques to support your nervous system and promote a little bit of recovery in our 'always on' world can be hugely beneficial.

We often recommend the Headspace app to our clients. This, along with others such as Muse, can help bring some tranquility to a noisy world.

By breaking down your day on a regular basis you can identify time which could be used to bring clarity and focus to your day - ultimately improving your health and resilience.

Being healthy isn't just about exercise: consistent habits allow you to cultivate healthy habits that last a lifetime. Our online sessions and programming can go with you when you travel.

Take our health scorecard on the main page of our website to find out more. Remember: you need to be selfish to be selfless. Your future self will thank you.

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