How to make the perfect exercise selection to see long lasting results

How to make the perfect exercise selection to see long lasting results

Wednesday 15th January 2020
Alexander Pedley

There is much debate about which exercise is the most beneficial. If you currently workout you probably have your preference and if you do not you may want to know the best place to begin.

There are many factors to consider when deciding the type of exercise to take part in and the intensity of which you do it.

Quality of sleep, how much stress you are under, your diet, how long you have been working out and the last time you had a relaxing break all come into consideration.

This is because we only have a certain tolerance to stress and exercise is another stressor. For your body to progress you will need to implement just the right amount of stress to cause a recoverable fatigue. Too much and it will only take longer to recover.

This is where the debate of high intensity training comes into play. If you are busy and under pressure, struggle to eat right, sleep well and get enough mental downtime then your tolerance to stress will be lower. Training too intensely, too often will only increase your chances of over training and burning out.

Exercise is there to improve our health both mental and physical. It will improve how our body functions and performs. It is a tool to make us better.

We need to mix hard, medium and recovery sessions into our plan. Taking a balanced approach is the key.

Training intensely will not necessarily speed up your results and it may cause the opposite effect - plateau.

Whichever choice you make, train smart and the result will keep on coming.

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