ESI Method

We know when life gets busy your health and wellbeing can take a

We have designed a method that works around your busy schedule and is
bespoke to your specific needs.

Step 1: Evaluate

Your coach will help evaluate your current lifestyle through:

BodyScan: a one hour joint by joint assessment to evaluate how you currently move

Diet and Lifestyle Scan: assess what you are currently doing so we have an understanding of your lifestyle

Recovery Scan: uses cutting edge technology to track your heart rate variability (HRV). Done over three days using a discreet ECG so we can see your stress levels and how you sleep.

Step 2: Structure

Your coach and nutritionist will guide you on how to make progressive changes to your routine. You will create a structure so that making healthy choices becomes a habit.

You will discover how to create structure so that making healthy choices becomes a habit.

Once you have structure the next step becomes easy.

Step 3: Implement

Your coach will gradually implement 5 pillars of wellness: Movement, Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Wellbeing and Sleep. You will build a base for sustainable life changing results. You'll be stronger, fitter, leaner and energised for the things that matter

Workplace Wellness

Your Wellness

What our clients say

I'm now more healthy than I have been in years. With the team's support I've been able to overcome specific weaknesses - physical and mental! I'm now armed with knowledge and tactics on how to exercise better, eat healthily, and achieve the improvements I want across my life."

Neil, Media executive

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