Corporate Workshop

Promoting a culture of health

Ensuring that each member of your management team is at the top of their game is pivotal to success, but there is a problem: Harvard Medical School Study found that some 96% of senior leaders feel somewhat burned out, and a third describe it as extreme. Identifying the signs of burn out and overwork are key to maintaining high performance within your organisation.
We can deliver motivational presentations to your audience, from ten executives to 3,000 staff in a theatre. Using a range of methods from oratory to multimedia, we can inspire and engage your workforce, helping them better understand how to manage their health and wellness.

What does it include?

Presentations can be tailored to the target audience and offers the latest research on how to:

  • Be proactive to identify and negate burnout.
  • Implement a culture where health becomes a habit within your executive team.
  • Avoid debilitating musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Maintain a soft focus on health, ensuring the performance of your team stays at the highest level.
  • A four-step methodology to boost the immune system; reducing sickness and absentees.

How we can help

507,000 workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2016/17 with 8.9 million working days lost as a result of that period.

526,000 workers in the UK suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17 with 12.5m working days lost as a result over that period.

We will introduce your team to the ESI method, a 3 step approach to creating healthier eating habits.