Workplace Wellness

Create a culture of energy and productivity

A study in 2018 of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that 23% reported feeling burned out at work, very often or always, while an additional 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes.

By creating a culture where employee wellbeing is not just spoken about but actively promoted you will get a workforce that is more productive, more resilient and more focused.

Recent research in America suggests that every $1 spent on wellness programs offered a return of more than $3.

An effective wellness strategy is not just important - it is critical to ensure that your team is able to outperform the competition.

We combine the latest technology and behavioural change science to ensure that your team is equipped with everything they need to achieve peak performance.

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We can deliver motivational presentations to your audience, from ten executives to 3,000 staff in a theatre. Using a range of methods from auditory to multimedia, we can inspire and engage your workforce, helping them better understand how to manage their health and wellness.


We can work with a team of 8 to 20 to deliver a bespoke workshop that perfectly matches the needs of your employees.

We will create a programme that will improve the wellbeing of each individual.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

We work with members of your leadership team one-to-one to find the fastest and most sustainable route to peak performance.

What our clients say

Alex recently came to Barclays and gave an excellent presentation as part of our Wellbeing initiative. Alex was very engaging and passionate throughout, capturing the attention of all involved. The feedback from our colleagues was very positive - everyone enjoyed the presentation and noted how beneficial it is to openly discuss colleague wellbeing. We would certainly recommend to other companies in any industry - thank you Alex for a great presentation.

Caroline Holmes, Barclays Wealth