The Process

At MVEMENT, we believe that our time working with you is just the start of your health journey. Our philosophy is not to give you a quick fix and leave you to go it alone, but to build the structure you need to continue improving long after we've finished working together.
We will build systems and habits into your life so that the feeling of good health and vitality are just a normal part of your life. Our goal is to condition not just your body but your mind too. We want to change your attitude towards exercise, nutrition and recovery so that it becomes an intrinsic part of who you are. Our aim is to make everything feel easy.

Phase 1 - Wellness Breakfast

Every two weeks we hold a Wellness Breakfast at the Marriott Hotel so that you can come and meet one of the team to discuss the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals. In the Wellness Breakfast Session, we will show you how to build a sustainable three-month plan and introduce you to the methodologies that drive our business.

Phase 2 - BodyScan

Ever wondered why particular movements hurt or why you are unable to do certain activities? Our BodyScan will unearth exactly how your body moves and indicate your possible restrictions.
Why is this important? You wouldn't start a journey without first knowing how to get there. Well, we won't start working with you unless we have a global understanding of what needs fixing. From here, we can develop the best exercises to match your current movement capacity.

Phase 3 - Diet & Lifestyle Scan

Making a positive lifestyle change is more than simply improving your diet and increasing your exercise. We want you to discover the best way to seamlessly integrate healthy choices into your already busy lifestyle.

The Diet and Lifestyle Scan assesses what you are current doing so that we have a better understanding of your life. We'll help you make progressive changes that positively impact your day-to-day routine.

Phase 4 - Rejuvenate

This is an eight-week transformation with a difference. We promise lifetime changes, not short-term fixes.

We think of the BodyScan and Diet & Lifestyle Scan as drawing up the plans and planning the journey; now it's time to start laying the foundations.

You will work with your dedicated Strength Coach and Dietician to build a structure that will last you a lifetime. After this eight-week programme you will have created a clear structure to your diet, be able to move with more freedom, be fitter and stronger, whilst having more confidence that your body is able to do the things that you want it to do.

Phase 5 - Fulfil

If Rejuvenate is about building foundations then Fulfil is about driving progress.

You will have the capacity to push yourself further, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Being fitter and healthier feels good and you will start to notice that you feel mentally and physically sharper and capable of doing activities that you once believed were impossible.